Our Story

Our society is more concerned than ever with the impact of germs and bacteria on our health. It seems that every week there is a new anti-bacterial product aimed at eliminating harmful agents from virtually every aspect of our lives, but with one seemingly glaring omission: from underneath our fingernails.

Most people aren't aware that there can be an accumulation of foreign particles and bacteria under their fingernails that when transmitted, can cause serious illness or disease in anyone, let alone those who work in healthcare, childcare, or food service industries.

A common misconception is that colds and other illnesses are spread by coughing and sneezing. The truth is germs don't fly; they hitchhike.

Infection can be caused by autoinoculation, as we humans have a tendency to touch our eyes, nose, ears, skin, and mouth with our fingertips, transferring the germs and bacteria from our hands to other areas of our bodies. Handwashing can help to reduce the thousands of germs and bacteria on the backs and palms of the hands[1]Hygiene Systems To Improve Health" from Prostate Health in 90 Days by Larry Clapp, Ph.D., J.D., but what about the hundreds of millions of germs and bacteria under the fingernails? Don't do part of the job; Add freshnails™ to your daily routine to help you achieve Total Hand Hygiene.

"It quickly became evident that we were literally going to have to take matters into our own hands."

Studies have shown that while hand washing is the most common method of prevention against germs and bacteria, it often isn't enough; the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that simply washing your hands does very little to make contact and kill the germs and bacteria lodged in your undernails™[2]Hand Hygiene in Health Care Settings Study, 2002, from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention..

We searched far and wide for an undernail™ hygiene product that would do what we needed it to, while remaining compact, affordable and efficient, but were disappointed at every turn.

Any solution offered had a down side: it was too expensive,

it was too uncomfortable to use, it was too messy, it was too abrasive, it wouldn't get the entire area under our fingernails, it was too painful, it irritated our skin, it broke our nails, it was too big, it was too small

It quickly became evident that we were literally going to have to take matters into our own hands if we were going to develop an adequate solution to this universal problem. We realized there was an inherent need for something fresh and new.

We hope you will enjoy using freshnails™
and will share it with your friends, family and colleagues, so you can all take comfort in knowing that your nails are as clean as
they can be.

Our Team

Ben Toeg, MBA

President ben@freshnails.com

Ben Toeg (B.Com, MBA) is the conceptual initiator and inventive force behind freshnails™. Ben brings over 15 years of strategic, entrepreneurial and management consulting experience to the freshnails™ team. Ben's work primarily focuses on performance dynamics and helping organizations maximize value and profitability. However, after continued effort and market focus, Ben realized that he stumbled upon a novel and unique idea that could make an impact in the hand hygiene market. After graduating from the Telfer School of Management and looking at many patents, Ben combined simplicity with "common sense", which resulted in freshnails™: the undernail sanitizer™. Ben is the President of freshnails™ and brings a sense of both determination and perseverance to the freshnails™ team.

Sayed Dadshani

Chief Executive Officer sayed@freshnails.com

Sayed Dadshani is an entrepreneur at heart. With a strong business background, Sayed has solid leadership experience in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and entertainment. He is also a world-traveler, having lived in four countries spanning three continents. With a knack for communication, he is fluent in five languages and has strong interpersonal skills. Early in the development of freshnails™, Sayed realized that this product would be an excellent compliment to an individual's daily personal hygiene routine. Sayed is the Chief Executive Officer of freshnails™ and the creative and relationship-building spirit behind it. His motivation and drive to succeed are what has made him able to translate innovative ideas into products and promotions.

Dr. Chandra Panchal, Ph.D.

Chief Medical Consultant chandra@freshnails.com

Dr. Chandra Panchal obtained a B.Sc. (1972) and a M.Sc., in Molecular Biology (1974) from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario (1979). Dr. Panchal is presently President & CEO at Axcelon Biopolymers Corporation, of London, Ontario, and Managing Director of Panford Investment Corp of Montreal. Dr. Panchal has authored over 50 scientific papers and has edited a book entitled “Yeast Strain Selection”, published in 1990. Dr. Panchal has been on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Microbiology and is a co-inventor in respect of several patents in oncology, diagnostics and industrial microbiology. Dr. Panchal is an Adjunct Professor in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. He currently sits on the Boards of: Avivagen (TSX.V: VIV); Canadian Oil Recovery and Remediation Inc.,(CORRE; TSX.V:CVR); Rodocanachi Capital Pool Company (TSX.V.ROD.P); and MaRS Innovation, Toronto. Dr. Panchal is the Chief Medical Consultant of freshnails™.

Jason Tetro, B.Sc.

Chief Health Consultant jason@freshnails.com

Jason is an Ottawa area scientific researcher and social marketing strategist. Known as “the Germ Guy™", Jason is a University of Guelph graduate and a media personality who has been featured on national and North American Television newscasts/programs as an expert in microbiology. Jason is a principal contributor and subject matter expert to the Huffington Post and works with firms that specialize in the hand hygiene industry. Jason is the Chief Health Consultant of freshnails™.

Key Contributors

freshnails™ would not have been possible if not for the invaluable efforts and contributions made by the medical community and our professional colleagues. Their research, time, expertise and devotion have helped bring freshnails™ to life, and we thank them for their passion in the development of this project.

Dr. David Large, Ph.D.

Dr. Ilham Deloomy, Ph.D.

Gilad Shoham, CEO, Medonyx Inc.

Sophia Dadshani