The freshnails solution

After 15 years of research and development, trial, error and determination, the result is freshnailsPatent-pending (US 61/909,120) and Health Canada-licensed (NPN 80041410)™ a revolutionary new all-in-one hygiene and grooming product unlike anything else on the market. freshnails™ not only cleans under your nails, but also sanitizes them without the need for water, soap or a sink. freshnails™ contains six essential moisturizers and antioxidants, plus a unique blend of alcohol. It goes where you go; it can easily fit in your purse, pocket or glove compartment and is ready to use whenever you are. Not since the toothbrush has a product integrated as easily into your daily routine.

freshnails™ kills germs and bacteria under your nails, lowers the risk of common infections, helps prevent colds, flu, sickness and illness, and reduces food preparation germs and bacteria transmission. freshnails™ promotes healthier day care, classroom and hospital environments and can decrease school/work absenteeism rates.

freshnails™ isn't simply an effective solution for killing germs and bacteria under your nails, it's the only portable solution: freshnails™ is the industry leader in a newly created category.

How it works

Never before has there been a nail cleaning product like freshnails™. It's a revolutionary all-in-one sanitation and beauty tool suitable for use by everyone! What makes freshnails™ different from other nail products on the market is that it targets and removes dirt, debris, germs and bacteria from your undernails™ – an area most soaps and brushes do not reach.

Using freshnails™ is a breeze with a simple two-step process:


Gently pass the freshnails™ patented pick, under each fingernail (undernails™) to remove all of the visible dirt that you can see.


Now swab the same area using the freshnails™ patented nib on the reverse side of the pick to kill all of the germs and bacteria.


See how easily freshnails™ can work for you by watching this video. Seeing is believing, but you can't imagine how fresh your nails feel afterwards.

freshnails™ kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria under your fingernails

In controlled tests, when used in conjunction with anti-bacterial handwashing, freshnails™ showed a significant reduction in total bacteria count. Download the PDF to view the test results!

freshnails™ is 100% all-natural, hypo-allergenic and uses only the highest-quality moisturizers and antioxidants:


The 70% isopropyl content in freshnails™ safely and effectively reduces the levels under your nails of the most common germs and bacteria that may cause illness. Using alcohol based sanitizers when soap and water are not available is one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations.